MakerHive Membership

Becoming a member of MakerHive gives you a place to call your work home away from home. You can use the coworking space for day to day business and the workshop for prototyping designing, or simply tinkering. You will also be joining a fast-growing creative community of like-minded people which will open up opportunities to collaborate and network. The Hive is Asia’s most dynamic coworking community spread across Bangkok, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Saigon, Taipei and Singapore.

Discounted Membership Rates

MakerHive offers discounted membership packages specifically for early stage startups working in the areas of Internet of Things and Connected Devices. Contact us to discuss your business and we will do our utmost to meet your budget, as we believe passionately in supporting early stage companies in this sector. Also if you are launching a Kickstarter fundraising campaign, we have special Membership packages for you, where we can provide assistance in the production of the promo video and support during the campaign. Drop us a line.

MakerHive Membership Types

We are staffed Monday – Friday, 8am – 8pm.
Part-time membership is limited to 10 full or 20 half days per month.
Full-time membership gives you access to MakerHive 24 hours, 7 days a week at any time.
Office membership price depend on your team size, please contact us or Apply and we will give you a custom price, specifically to meet your budget.

Sponsored Memberships

Sponsored Memberships for impressive start-ups where the company is founded and the majority of the founding team originate from Hong Kong. To apply for a Sponsored Membership place at the MakerHive: Contact us to talk about your start up.

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