Restyling Clothes [Private Event]

Adding jeans and denim this time.
Also, as usual, welcome to bring any other garment you want to restyle.

You will find support in transformations applying easy hand sewing and some accessories available: beads, patches, fabric swatches, studs…. We can also adapt to your taste and interests if you tell us about it in advance.

We propose a few projects we have made and loved but pleased to hear about any other thing you want to try.
These are some options we like for sweaters
you will find few more on
Some using boro and other easy stitching:
And more on denim and jeans:

Choosing and planning:
Please contact us as soon as you decide to join so we can plan well for your project. WhatsApp to 61677406.

180 HKD
30 HKD reduction for your next session, whenever you decide to book again

What to bring:
Any garment or textile you want to transform or customise. As said above, please get in touch so we can help deciding and making sure the idea works.

We can do it for you:
Also, in case you don’t have time but would like to see one of your garments embellished or made into something else, just let us know.

Our goal:
We want you to love both, first the experience and skills you acquire, and second, the restyled unique piece you bring back home. This also means some resources saved, so… great for the environment too!.

More information and ticketing link at: