Modern Calligraphy Workshop

Always been fascinated by the way a paintbrush swishes and flicks during the art of calligraphy?

This workshop will be an artistic experience, allowing you to improve your calligraphy skills and explore your creativity with a paintbrush!

Our lovely teacher, Sonam, will guide you through the process of brush lettering. Expect to leave the workshop with a meditative experience and a full set of calligraphy supplies created and curated by Sonam, which you can home with you and practice what you learnt!

This is a beginners class so no prior experience is required.
Material and Tools are all inclusive in ticket prices.

About Sonam Shah:
Founder of Paper and Peony by Sonam, Sonam is not only a calligrapher but also a teacher. She has created a range of handwritten pieces for her customers and has experience in instructing students at workshops. Creativity, human connection and to bring back the lost art of handwriting is what drives the heart of Sonam.

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