Japanese Boro Stitching (Private Event)

Boro and Sashiko are embroidery techniques originated in Japan in the 18th and 19th centuries. Both, with mending and woven stitching, are today great options to upcycle textiles giving a personal and contemporary vibe to projects, in any clothing, accessories, textile art or home décor.

Welcome to enjoy some time to relax and get creative with these techniques.

Easy running stitch to form parallel or chaotic lines, crosses or pluses, boxes, intersecting stitches, long and short stitches, alternating thick and thin thread… all to enjoy adding colour, shapes and texture, either randomly or following a pattern, to a fabric or a garment you want to customise.

Some images selected as inspiration can be found onhttps://www.pinterest.es/Textiles_UP/sashiko-boro-mending/

180 HKD
30 HKD reduction for your next session, whenever you decide to book again

What to bring:
Any garment or textile you want to transform.
We will also provide some fabrics cuts.

More information and ticketing link at: https://www.facebook.com/events/296713387528638/